Notes on training program

  1. You can send an application form to MCO from this page. However, you cannot use this page if you do not have an e-mail address.
  2. Applications sent on Saturdays, Sundays, or national holidays, or during holidays in May or year-end holidays, may be handled on the next or subsequent business days.
  3. Depending on the application, we may respond by letter, telephone, fax, or email.
  4. We may be unable to respond directly to customers living abroad.
  5. We take responsibility for managing personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and contents of the application that you have entered in this application form and will not use such information for purposes other than responding to your application.
    For the basic policy of the Company on the handling of personal information, please refer to the Private Policy.

  6. Payment
  7. Full contract amount shall be paid in USD by telegraphic transfer remittance 2 months before the course starts. Effective date of contract is the date after Seller’s receipt of (1) acceptable Purchase Order or Contract of Sale signed by Buyer, and (2) the payment of full contract amount.

  8. Cancellation Policy
  9. The payment will not be refunded to Buyer if Buyer cancels this contract or reduce the number of attendees after this contract is effective.
  10. Buyer shall notify Seller one month before the course starts, if Buyer would like to change the attendees.
  11. Seller shall not be responsible on-time VISA documents arrangement, if Buyer fails to notify Seller within the above mentioned date.
  12. The payment will be refunded to Buyer if the training is cancelled because number of attendance is below minimum at the date of one month before the course starts.
  13. Buyer shall issue debit note or Seller shall issue credit note to receive the refund.

  14. There is a possibility of cancelling the programs when number of attendance is below minimum.
    • 4 persons (Operation course)
    • 4 persons (Maintenance course)
    • 2 persons (Practical maintenance course)
  15. The attendant of the practical maintenance course is requested to carry his own safety shoes and coveralls.
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